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What Do Cat Sitters Do?

Updated: Feb 7

Whether you're facing last-minute travel plans or seeking assistance with your daily cat care routine, the thought of entrusting someone with the well-being of your furry friend has likely crossed your mind. At The Cat Sitting Company, we understand the importance of providing exceptional cat sitting services. Let's explore what a cat sitter does and the comprehensive services we offer to ensure your peace of mind.

cat sitting company
cat sitting company

Understanding the Role of a Cat Sitter:

Essentially, a cat sitter is an individual tasked with looking after a cat or cats while their owner is away, ensuring their well-being and happiness during periods of travel or other commitments.

The Duties of a Cat Sitter:

When one of our experienced cat sitters enters your home, they undertake a range of responsibilities. These include essential tasks such as feeding, playing, and grooming your cat, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of your kitty's litter tray on a daily basis. Moreover, our cat sitters are equipped to provide specialized care, including administering medications when necessary.

Beyond feline care, our cat sitters offer additional services such as home security checks, watering plants, collecting mail, and tidying up. These supplementary tasks contribute to the overall peace of mind you'll experience when your cat is under the watchful care of our team.

Cat Sitter vs. Pet Sitter:

While the terms may seem interchangeable, it's essential to note the distinction between a cat sitter and a pet sitter. At The Cat Sitting Company, our cat sitters specialize in the care of cats, ensuring a tailored and focused approach to meet the unique needs of your feline companions. Unlike pet sitters who may cater to a variety of animals, our expertise lies in delivering top-tier cat sitting services for all types and breeds of cats.

Choose The Cat Sitting Company:

If you're seeking trustworthy and specialised cat sitting services, look no further than The Cat Sitting Company. Explore our website to meet our exceptional team of cat sitters in your area. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled care, ensuring that your beloved cats receive the attention and love they deserve, even in your absence. MEET SOME OF OUR TEAM

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